Thursday, May 06, 2010

Western tip of the island

This is a photo of the westernmost tip of Santa Rosa Island and what is called Pensacola Pass - the entryway into Pensacola Bay.

There has been quite a bit of erosion in this area over the winter months, but generally the beach 'heals' itself and rebuilds in the summer. For now, however, there isn't room to drive the Mule around the tip of the island at high tide, so if our patrol coincides with high tide we have to park and finish our check for sea turtle nests on foot.

I don't have a photo from last year taken in this exact stance, but I do have a few in the general area. You can see how much more beach was present at that time and several species of birds seemed to enjoy the spot. You can see last summer's photos of Pensacola Pass by clicking HERE.

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