Thursday, May 27, 2010

May Rays

While on patrol yesterday morning I finally caught a glimpse of what some people refer to as May rays. Considerably smaller in size than the ones I see in the fall, possibly the May rays are juveniles coming near shore to feed.

Later in the day when I visited my friend Nancy at Portofino, she said she had been watching large groups of them feeding along the shoreline. Unfortunately my visit did not coincide with their feeding schedule. I would have enjoyed showing you photos of how large the school of rays can be.

But what a gorgeous day!!! Just look at our beautiful water. I never get tired of the stunning views at Portofino.

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Peggy said...

Hi Deb! Bill and I were out near Navarre Beach on Sunday and saw a really big school of rays. All I had was my I Phone and got one pic that is on my facebook page. They were actually swimming around peoples legs as they stood in the shallow water. Just amazing "close encounter"!