Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kids and Kritters!

Despite the cold weather and gusty winds, there was quite a turnout for the Kids and Kritters parade at Casino Beach this weekend! 

Simple, but elegant!

As you can see in this young lady's float, she came prepared with plenty of throws for the crowd!

The kritters were checking out their competition. too!

What a beautiful Afghan Hound!

Deb and Daisy!

Sneaking a ride!

The wind was so gusty, it was almost like riding with your head out the window!

Ahhhhhh....some things are sweeter than Moon Pies! 

Masks were helping to keep little faces warm!

At last, a camera hound!  

Little Lauren had an awesome costume!  Wonder if that wig comes in my size!

Mom, you can pick me up any time now.

This little pup loved riding in the basket!  It also allowed her to fuss at the big dogs from a safe perch!

So cute!

Where's Waldo?

Doggles!!!  And they came in very handy on such a windy day!  Isn't he the coolest canine?!

A frou frou tutu!

Showing the love!

Yep, the pup is still trying to tell the big dogs who's boss!

Lauren got to take home a prize!

Another prize winner in the Kid's category.

This could put a dent in the guard dog reputation.

Love the Lucky Dogs!

Lots of treats!

Hmmm, ya think he's a Parrothead?

No, no...the treats are THIS way!

A very smart dog!

"The pug is living proof that God has a sense of humor" ~~ Margo Kaufman

Dad, look!  They're handing out Milk Bones!

Look at that profile!  

In style!

Miss Daisy!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Dune sunflowers are blooming all over the island, teasing us with thoughts of warm summer days and bright turquoise water. 

"Merely looking at the world around us is immensely different from seeing it."

~~ Frederick Frank (1909 - 2006)