Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Although it's still cold, at least we have sunshine today and the wind has died down! YEAAAAAA!!!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Nauga Champagne Breakfast

The Dock remains home of the biggest pajama party on the island as the Krewe of Nauga comes out for their annual Champagne Breakfast, which benefits the Humane Society of Pensacola. I often wonder what tourists think when they see hundreds of people walking around the core area in their pajamas.

Danah Gibson, one of the founders and a former Queen of the Krewe of Nauga. Last year the Naugas were host to approximately 800 people!!

Young and old alike enjoy Mardi Gras -- and playing dress-up --on the island. Terese Overlade, who looks more adorable each year, is usually spotted near the entrance helping Nauga Royalty with raffle tickets.

Sharon Mattair...hmmmm...something very unusual about those eyes. Take a closer look!

Judy L'Oignon, the reigning Queen of the Krewe of Naugas.

Susie Mardis and Nancy Kittel dress in their best faux-Nauga print finery. Wouldn't want to hurt any Naugas, you know. They're endangered!

Love that weave!

"More, I said!"

A distance relative of the Nauga tribe.

Deb Friedman, a former Nauga Queen and one of our wonderful island originals, sells raffle tickets.

Whoa...invader from the north! How did these penguins get in?

Hey, Morrie, I'm a friend, right? Gotta love a man with connections.

Ahhhh...it's Marilyn, the Energizer Bunny! She really did have giant batteries on her back. Now I know where she gets all that energy!

Yikes! It's those penquins again! Lila, is that you???

Lauren Littleton - the new Queen of the Krewe of Naugas! It's quite a feat that the Queens manage to keep their new royalty a secret each year, but it really pays off with the look of surprise on the new Queen's face when the name is called. Congratulations, Lauren!

Past and present Queens of the Krewe of Nauga.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Gray day

Although it is another gray day at the beach, the rain and mist finally stopped and the wind died down a little. The high for today is forecast to be 48 degrees.

Incredible as it sounds, there was a surfer in the water! Even though he was in a full surfing wetsuit, I don't know how he did it. The last I heard, our water temperature is in the mid-50's.