Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pensacola Beach Memorial Day Weekend

Here it is the last weekend of May and this is about all I've seen in the way of turtles this month. Where are our sea turtles!!!

But there were literally thousands of people on the beach at Park East and tents two and three deep as far as you could see!

I was unable to hike from my house to Park East last year due to a broken foot, but I was excited to visit and see the decorated tents again this year.

I was a bit disappointed, however, to discover that although many more people were here this year than two years ago, a much lower percentage of them participated in decorating this time. You can compare 2010 to 2008 by clicking HERE.

But, wow, what a crowd at both Park East and Casino Beach. Pensacola Beach appreciates the business our Memorial Day Weekend crowd brings every year, not to mention the respect they typically show the beach by leaving it so clean when they head back home.

Although the oil spill has not reached our beach, it has definitely affected our hotels and beach businesses due to reservation cancellations by many who thought it had. Maybe this weekend will end the month on a high note.

Ah ha! Reminded again that I wanted a beach umbrella like the 'straw hut'.

Finally I came upon an area at Park East which had decorated a bit.

Ken and Ken?

This way you don't have to worry about stingrays or minnows nibbling at your toes.

Oooooohhhh, I want one of these for when our family visits.

What a cool pink flamingo! I'll take a dozen of its fine feathered friends, please!


Anonymous said...

Hi DJ, What a GREAT Party.

The weather looks picture postcard perfect.

I also want one of those multi-person rafts for my pool !!


Debbie (LSU Flag Lady) said...

Spent Memorial Day in P'Cola. Boy was it crowded! Had a great time! I went to my favorite spot and there were several topless girls walking around and swimming. Years ago, my husband and I accidently walked into a nude beach down in Navarre. The nude beach was away from the public. I guess Memorial Day in P'Cola must be like Mardi Gras here in New Orleans. Anything goes! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Navarre "free" beach 

i remember the "no nude swimming' signs. a lady on the beach told me is was just the southern culture's way of sayin' "this way to the nude beach." forty-five years or more sounds a lot like "common law", or "accepted usage" to me. it's not a "nude" beach. you don't have to be nude. 

we don't go 'round nekkid in order to "be seen" or to "see." it's our choice as to how we want to enjoy the sun and sand and water. 

we gather together to avoid harassment. that's all. it's for self-protection, only. we don't gather at the pier or in front of your condo. we find places that are remote, and maybe require a long hike past unoccupied beach to get to, so you'll have plenty of spots to settle down and enjoy the beach without havin' to be offended by our liberty. we aren't asking for all beaches to be clothing-optional; we just want our fair share of what we, as Americans, own. y'all have hundreds of miles where clothing is enforced by law, by fines, by jail time. whatta country, hunh? we just want a spot where we can be to ourselves and not offend you. 

In your own state, Haulover Beach brings thousands of people to North Miami Beach, and Playalinda Beach brings thousands of people to Titusville. Oh. remember the wildfires west of Titusville? It was the free-beach folk who were the first to take juice and coffee and pastries out to the firefighters. Ain't lyin'. Local "outrage" got real quiet after that. 

but, think about it. there's miles and miles of 'family' beaches along the gulf. what do you think the tourist influx would be if the 50-year-old free beach were re-established east of the fence? and promoted? and patrolled? more condos would be built, dilapidated real estate would be rehabilitated and spruced up with the increased rental income, people would buy up and improve the places the storms and simple neglect have done so much damage to. more restaurants to feed us (after dark). more jobs. more cash-flow for businesses.

make the investment, Navarre Beach. do it, and do it right. work out an agreement with Eglin that protects the dunes and wildlife and provides security for families and keeps the trash picked up. make yourself the go-to destination for families and couples and singles who just want to relax in the sun and sand and water the way they came into this world. if bein' fair to your fellow Americans and recognizing their undivided common interest in public land isn't enough incentive, then do it for the dollars. build a bigger parking lot, and sell, sell, sell. let 'em park on the main coast and pay to ride a trolley or ferry over to the beach. they will. i promise. you'll be flooded with tourists with fat wallets (well, when they arrive, anyway) and no casino to watch 'em waste their money in. you won't have to depend on Canadians to haggle with over rent in the winter, or listen to 'em brag about how long their pot of potato soup lasted. 

and, before you bang me on the head with your bible (and i'm a Christian, too), remember that the sin in the garden of eden was not that they were naked. God made them naked. their sin was that they were ashamed.