Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fishing buddies

Note Mr. Heron on the left, closely observing Mr. Fisherman. As I paused to watch, Mr. Fisherman got a hit and began to reel in what turned out to be a small fish. He unhooked the fish and threw it back into the Gulf instead of toward Mr. Heron who.....

became very unhappy and flew right in front of Mr. Fisherman! "Hey, dude! Didn't you see me waitin' for that fish! What the heck?"

Mr. Heron decided Mr. Fisherman (who continued to ignore him) must be extremely nearsighted and took up post right next to him.

What a character!

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BaysideLife said...

I wonder if we are photographing the same bird (Alfalfa?)? Take a peek at my latest post. I love the last photo. He's not going to miss out on another fish is he.