Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Waiting for a handout

While a young man is taking a break from fishing and napping under an umbrella, this bold blue heron in stealth mode checks to see if any fish are left unguarded.

Though the heron doesn't appear to have moved a muscle, he's been slowly creeping closer, and the man wakes to see he has company a few feet away.

I think this is the same heron I've photographed several times around Ft. Pickens. It seems much more accustomed to being around people and seems to actually expect a hand-out from fisherman around the Ft. Pickens fishing pier occasionally.

1 comment:

Loui♥ said...

funny too..
the more familiar they become..
the bolder they get!
guess these guys are our BEARS..
like the ones from the wooded National Parks..
thanks for the lovely photos of CLEAN sandy beach!
I'll be touching down next Tuesday in time for sunset..
Florida style!!!
counting the days big time now!!
warmest hugs and laughing smiles..