Monday, May 24, 2010

Delicate balance

Sometimes the photos I take are simply archival for my catalog. I can look back and see how certain areas have changed, season to season, year to year.

This photo, taken about a mile and a half east of the old Ranger house in the Ft. Pickens area of Gulf Islands National Seashore shows you how close the road is to the surf and how easily it is washed over. It doesn't even take a tropical storm for this to happen, but a high tide which coincides with a period of high surf. Life on a barrier island is a delicate balancing act, which is why we strive never to take it for granted.

This also makes the drive one of the most beautiful you'll ever see. You are so close to the water's edge and feel as though you're driving right at sea level. Actually, you almost are!

Take time to visit this lovely area of Gulf Islands National Seashore. Least Terns, Black Skimmers, Osprey and Great Blue Herons are all nesting. Many of them are busy fishing to feed their chicks. The speed limit is only 20 mph in some areas, so you have plenty of time to enjoy the view. It is also easy to spot the large nests of the Osprey and Great Blue Heron from the road and you can get an even closer view of some nests near the campgrounds or at Battery Worth. Just be sure to pack a pair of binoculars.

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~margo~ said...

that's really neat! I haven't been down that road in over 10 years...need to drive over there and take some shots while we still have it.