Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Bands on the Beach - May 4

Tim Jackson's Mr. Big performed at Bands on the Beach last night. The vocals were fabulous.

As you can see on the horizon, it was still somewhat hazy, but everyone was happy to attend the first Tuesday evening 'Bands' event of the season.

Mrs. Mary Drees was there with most of her family.

Little Maci Drees is blowing bubbles of love all the way around the world to her dad, Matt, who deployed for the third time on March 12th and is currently in Iraq.

Lila Cox brother, Gary, was in town and had an opportunity to enjoy the evening with us.

Who is that cool dude?


Ahhhh, I love to watch people dancing. I don't care if they are eight or 80. Folks simply look happy when they are dancing, especially when they are dancing on the beach.

I have to say the crowd was a bit more subdued than usual. It was nice to have a distraction from the oil spill situation, but that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach just won't go away.

Patty and Robert!

Playing with bubbles.

Our beautiful Pensacola Beach...

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