Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Our Pensacola Beach paradise and its gorgeous white sand at Casino Beach. Other than to reduce the resolution of the photo for my blog, there was no Photoshop tweaking of any sort - no whitening, lightening, contrasting...nada. Click to enlarge the photo. It really is this pretty here. You can see why we are devastated when we think how the oil spill will affect us, our homes, our food, businesses, and future generations.

To read more about what scientists are predicting in the aftermath of the spill, click HERE.

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Judy Kuhn said...

D.J. I, too, am so saddened as to how this oil will affect our beautiful beach we just moved to and the precious, innocent wildlife! I posted a couple albums the last 2 days on Facebook of beach pics...specifically the first pic from my May 5th album....isn't the sky, water, and sand prettier than ever? I didn't touch up anything on any of those pics. Is it prettier or is our appreciation heightened? Maybe some of both...