Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Webcam reminder

The Island Empress webcam is still working if you want to check the Casino Beach area just east of the fishing pier. Although the webcam is looking down from a high vantage point (17th floor), it is easy to see there is oil on the beach this afternoon. It will be interesting to check it out this evening to see if cleaning crews are working in that area.

You may go directly to the webcam by clicking HERE.


Bill Ford said...

Re the Web Cam. Look again and note the date.

Barrier Island Girl said...

Well so much for that then! Thanks for the heads up, Bill. Sometimes it goes out for a day or two at a time. Hopefully they will get it up and working soon. I'm not very familiar with webcams, so I don't know if it only needs a reboot of some type or something more.