Friday, June 04, 2010

Oil blobs

I walked down to the beach to see if there were any "oil balls" in my area and, as you can see, there were. I forgot to bring anything which I could use for perspective in photos -- guess I was still trying to be positive -- so I used my own shadow, typical blonde (or senior) moment, huh!

The oil blobs look like spoonsfull of chocolate pudding which a child may have dropped here and there. Some large, most very small.

The positive news is that there was no odor in the air other than our salt breeze and many people were out soaking up the rays, not allowing another day to go by without appreciating our beautiful Pensacola Beach.


Loui♥ said...

thanks Dj..
I have encouraged all my friends, relatives, blogmates..
please! do not run away from our areas..or cancel your reservations..
enjoy what we have to offer while you still CAN..
that day may come when you CANNOT!
nothing has been closed as of yet..
we need the tourism revenue..
in return..
well.. you know why YOU love and adore our Paradise..
warm sandy hugs..

atjason said...

As a native of Pensacola, this saddens me a great deal to see my favorite stretch of beach be destroyed by oil and BP's greed!

Since I don't live in Pensacola anymore (since 2006) thank you for your blog and especially your photography, its great to see some final shots of the way I'll always remember Pensacola Beach!

jmac said...

Hi There!! just found your blog from Loui's....leaving in the morning for Destin, stopping along the way in Pensacola to pick up a friend flying in from WA. It's a girlfriend trip and so sad about the catastrophe...I live in Loosiana...but hoping to help out and volunteer a bit. Can't wait to read more of your blog to hear about the Florida we've alwaysloved!!
I am a freelance photographer and do appreciate your images!!

Barrier Island Girl said...

Hey Jmac, I wish you the best on your reunion. Hopefully the weather will cooperate!.

Lou, thank you for your constant good and positive thoughts. Having spent so many happy, younger years here, I know the situation is every bit as difficult for you as it is for us.