Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday morning - Ft. Pickens

The beach at Ft. Pickens still looked good this morning. What you are seeing in the photos are clumps of sea grass.

The water also looked clear and I detected no harsh odor

There were heavily oiled objects which had washed ashore, however.

I once thought plastic and Styrofoam was the worst of the trash I'd see on the beach. Now we have to deal with oiled plastic and Styrofoam. {{{sigh}}}

I'd like to thank the architect of this castle for the smile they brought to my face. Love the sea grass 'palm trees'.

One more thing made me smile this morning. A pod of dolphin were playing and feeding near Langdon Beach. I yelled out, "Swim east!!!"


BaysideLife said...

I hope they heard you DJ. It's good to see the beach still looking so beautiful.

Bailey said...

This is our sandcastle!! We are from OKC,OK and it is our tradition to build a castle on Ft.Pickens at sunset at the end of our vacation. What a surprise to see it here when we got home on Saturday. We found your blog about a month ago and enjoy your beautiful pics and stories. Thank You!
The Morans

Barrier Island Girl said...

Wow, Bailey, how's that for coming full circle. I found you on the beach and you found me on the Internet. As I said, your sandcastle put a smile on my face. I just loved the extra touch of the little trees.

I love your family's tradition. From now on give me a heads up when you're visiting and I'll be looking for your handiwork on my turtle patrol.