Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sad sea turtle report

More sea turtles have been found dead along the coast of Mississippi. According to the Associated Press today, 119 dead sea turtles have been found in Mississippi since the Deepwater Horizon eco-disaster.

If you click on the link above to read the entire statement you will see they added "it was not immediately clear" if the sea turtles deaths were caused by the oil spill.


I will be patrolling Fort Pickens at daybreak on Saturday and Sunday for sea turtle nests or false crawls. My anxiety level rises as patrol time gets nearer for fear of what I might see.


BECKY said...

This makes my heart so heavy. I sure hope you don't have to see this yourself. I cringe and get tears in my eyes when I see the birds covered in oil on the tv.

I am praying for an end to it, and a minimal loss of animal life and habitat. So thankful for people like you who dedicate so much time to preserving it!


Novice Naturalist said...

I had heard yesterday that most of the dead turtles being found are Ridleys. This is heartbreaking news. Thank you for posting and for working to do all you can. Jay

Happy walker said...
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Barrier Island Girl said...

You are right, Jay. The dead turtles found in Mississippi have been Kemp's ridleys. They are the smallest of the marine turtles.

Of the two nests we've had in our area, one was a Kemp's ridley and the other a loggerhead. It's sad that we are six weeks into our sea turtle nesting season and only had two nests. :-(