Monday, June 07, 2010

Fiesta Sand Sculpture Contest 2010

The beach was beautiful, but hot yesterday. High winds fought rather unsuccessfully against high humidity to keep us cooled off and also made it more difficult for the sand sculptors.

As always, I love going to the beach to see the Fiesta Sand Sculpture Contest.

There didn't seem to be quite as many entries this year, but it just gave us room to spread out and enjoy the awesome work.

Approaching initially from the other side, I thought this was an odd-colored octopus - minus two tentacles. Ha! Then I walked around and saw it was a giant pineapple! Cool!

Wow! For real? Did he/she say yes?

Trash to treasure...

Is it just me or does this Sphinx have an uncanny resemblance to George Washington?

Tiny hatchlings...may they be safe.


Obviously we're hearing this phrase a lot lately.

Twenty-thousand leagues.... up and the giant squid is still wrapped around the submarine!

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Polly said...

Great post, DJ!!!! It's fun to be able to see the sand sculptures from thousands of miles away. It also adds a bright counterbalance to the oil disaster hitting our beaches and our economy.

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