Friday, June 25, 2010

My beautiful beach

There is nothing so beautiful as our beach to me.

May it always stay this pristine.


Kay said...

Please check your comments from yesterday!

Loui♥ said...

I am totally confused..
is there oil washing ashore on Santa Rosa Island..or not?
warm sad sandy hugs..

BaysideLife said...

Amen to that DJ. Last night we visited friends at Portofino and after sat on the beach watching the moon sparkle on the water. I said a little prayer too that things would remain like that moment forever.

jerilynn said...

so the Portofino end is ok, still? Casino Beach closed?

It does look delightful!!!!!!

Pat Harris said...

I am sick at heart. I read about the oil under the sand. Makes me fear for the turtle nests. Please God, keep this paradise healthy and clean. Our prayers go up daily for the people and the beach. Blessings, Pat