Sunday, June 27, 2010

Turtle Patrol 6-27-10

I wasn't sure what to expect at Ft. Pickens this morning, but this was the worst of it, located about half a mile into Ft. Pickens and up to Parking Lot 21.

As you can see, there were areas still heavily oiled. There were also scores of oil spill response teams both large and small setting up shortly after dawn.

Oil balls along Ft. Pickens.

Oil spill response signs were posted everywhere. I should add that if you wish to visit Ft. Pickens today, there is less oil around the Langdon Beach area.

About every mile along my route I would a line of holes perpendicular to the shoreline which appeared to have been dug by a post-hole digger. I assume they were checking for oil beneath the surface.

On the opposite end of the Pensacola Beach between Seashore Village and Portofino, there was less evidence of oil - just tiny tar pills along the tide line here and there. The water look beautiful and clear as usual. Evidently, just like the tide, the path of the oil is everchanging.

There was no turtle activity today. I only saw two Great Blue Heron and no black skimmers or osprey.

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