Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sweet Home (Farm), Alabama

This is one of the most delicious secrets I've ever told you, but don't spread the word too far...

We opted to come back from our trip to the Fairhope Art & Crafts Festival yesterday afternoon via Highway 98. The timing was perfect to stop at Sweet Home Farm, a small farmstead cheese operation which I had heard about and always wanted to visit, just 8 miles west of the Florida state line (and approximately 35 miles from home).

We turned off Highway 98 and followed the signs about half a mile, yet a world away from the well-traveled road.

Small groups of Guernseys here and there were contentedly munching on hay or resting in the shade as we drove in, paying us nary a bit of attention.

An old authentic Divco milk truck, sat in a pasture next to the store.

Inside the store a lovely antique Gibbon & Saxton wood and gas combo cooking stove now serves as a stocking shelf amid other shelves stocked with local items such as jams, jellies, honey, and bread

The owners, Doug Wolbert (right) and his wife, Alyce Birchenough (middle) tended to to a steady stream customers. Their small store which is only open from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. on Friday and Saturday was packed as we patiently waited our turn in line. As one group left, another quickly took their place. The pace never slowed while we were there.

A board listed all their farmstead cheese. We made our first purchase of Elberta cheese, a creamy semi-soft cheese made from Alyce's own recipe and named for the town, but by the time we left we also carried with us 'Bama Jack, some local honey and a loaf of their freshly made raisin bread.

What a lovely place to stop and enjoy this unique little farm before heading back home. We'll be back time and time again, for sure.

For more information on Sweet Home Farm, you may click on any of the links above or HERE for an older -and very interesting - article.


American Highlander said...

Did they have any butter? I've never forgotten the taste of "real" butter (or milk, too, for that matter) from my grandparent's farm outside of Savannah!

Barrier Island Girl said...

I do not recall seeing any butter for sale, but I remember one of the articles about them mentioned they do make it for their own use.

If you are interested in buying some, give them a call (look the number up on the Internet) and ask if they have any they would sell to you! They might be willing and it wouldn't hurt to ask.


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