Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Krewe of Wrecks - Red Beans & Rice

Now that I'm back home and settled in, I have to catch up my blog viewers on some of the Mardi Gras events on the island.

The Krewe of Wrecks offer a free lunch of red beans and rice on the Monday following their big Pensacola Beach Parade. It's a popular tradition for the beach and hundreds show up. Tommy Grice, the new King of Wrecks, stirs the pot...doesn't he always!

Smaller pots of rice simmering away...

as the line grows longer.

Folks on the island really know how to dress for the occasion!

And the serving line opens! Ladies from the Pensacola Beach Women's Club serve red beans and rice until the food runs out...and that's a long time.

Looks like Ms. Bobbi (standing) is supervising the drink line. She's the sweetest lady!

A steaming hot bowl of red beans and rice

Some take a bit of hot sauce...

Others are treated to a little bit of sugar! Ohhhh...Miss Carleen!!!

Oh look! It's Blondy Larsen, one of our annual snowbirds. They love Pensacola Beach and we love them.

And here is Blondy's wife, lovely Rosemary (on the right), with one of her friends.

Whoa! Dogs don't eat red beans and rice, do they? Hide, li'l pup, 'fore they make you a hot dog!

Red Beans and Rice day is special, but even more so for Janet & Allen Penniman. It's their 52nd wedding anniversary.

This little girl just wanted to dance the Mardi Gras Mambo

Why can't I come up with something artsy like this for my Mardi Gras collection! Do you think it's dishwasher safe? ;-)

Recognize this bike from the Mardi Gras parade? Ride in style, baby!

Ahhhh...a baby Mardi Gras dinosaur. Thankfully they are a protected species on the island.

"Hey, neighbor!" This is one of my neighbors, Maria Weisnicht. Now she knows how to throw a Mardi Gras party.

Just wait, another year and I'll find a hat like this!

It's the new King of Junkanoo, Don Stevens! Love your crown, King Don

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