Saturday, March 14, 2009

Leprechauns at Tiki Island!

A passel of little ones turned out at Tiki Island this morning to hunt for the pot of gold left behind by a leprechaun!

The wee ones also searched for 'golden coins' he dropped along the way...

and Ms. Terri McKamey made sure everyone knew they worked just like tokens at the games inside.

Ahhh, the pot of gold was located by two-year old Nolan Saeger and Shelley Johnson captured the occasion for the Island Times! Nolan, himself like any good leprechaun, was very shy about discussing his find.

At last, this little girl showed us some of the gold she'd found.

Nolan and Madeleine Saeger hold up their finds from the Leprechaun hunt at Tiki Island.

"Maith thĂș!"

(A little leprechaun told me that's how they say 'Well done! Way to go!' in Ireland.)

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