Monday, March 09, 2009

Spring break!

Spring break on Pensacola Beach. I went down to the beach to photograph all the 'by-the-wind sailors' which had washed ashore and I had to stop to get a photo of this happy, cute young couple on spring break. He's a law student, so he definitely came to the right place for a bit of relaxation in paradise.

As usual, I was so in the moment that I didn't get names. (This is why I didn't go into photo-journalism!) Hopefully this happy couple will catch the post and reply with names and their hometowns.


James Reyes Photography said...

Love the Blog! This is James Reyes (the gentleman in the photo). Sharyn and I were both visiting from Atlanta. I enjoyed reading your recent blog entries and have become a follower.

Thanks for the photo. It came out great. Could you please email a copy of the photo to jreyes(n0spam)

Barrier Island Girl said...

Hi James! I sent the photo, so please let me know if it came through. I hope you and Sharyn had a wonderful time and plan to visit again. Pensacola Beach is a very special place.