Friday, March 20, 2009

Sand Blackberry

It took me a couple of days to identify this 'wild flower', but at last I discovered the small white blooms I saw in patches around Range Point were Sand Blackberries.

I'd be willing to try the fruit when it ripens, but I doubt that will be an option. All the night critters in the area will scarf them down long before I have a chance. Still, it was fun to finally identify the lovely, delicate flowers.


PJ said...

Sand blackberries? How sweet and what a fine thing to know when I'm trekking about.
DJ, do you use Scott Kelby's books or do you even use photography books?

Barrier Island Girl said...

No, I had not heard of him until your comment, then I Googled him. I bought Jeff Wignall's book about Exposure and I'm learning a great deal from it.

I'm more than open to suggestions if you have someone you like or a particular book.



PJ said...

Look up Kelby on Amazon, he was recommended to me by several people. His third volume will be out in July. I'll look up Wignall, the name is familiar.

Barrier Island Girl said...

PJ, I did go to Amazon and check out Kelby. I wasn't sure about him at first because so many Photoshop books came up. Then I saw the ones you mentioned, Digital Photography I & II.

I looked through them, checking out the cover, table of contents and even the 'Surprise me' page. I liked what I saw.

Hopefully I'll like them as much as you -- I ordered them both. Ha! I've been going through some frustration with my photography lately. I'm not capturing what I envision/what I want my completed shot to be.

Thanks so much for the recommendation!


Anonymous said...

You absolutely have to try to beat the night critters. The blackberries are really delicious. We have several patches near us and I make sure I get my share of these tasty berries. Great on breakfast cereal and in pancakes!