Sunday, March 29, 2009


I've been looking forward to Woofapalooza which took place this weekend. It was scheduled for yesterday, but due to bad weather it was rescheduled for today. Below are some of the photos I took which reinforce my belief that life is simply not long enough to adopt all the different breeds of dog I love.

King Leo! I can't remember the entire proper name of this tiny Pomeranian, but I assure you it was much bigger than him. He's fully grown and the most adorable little Pom I've ever seen.

What sweethearts these two were, sweetness and light. Doncha just want to hug 'em both!

An elegant profile on this lovely Great Dane. Oh how I'd love to take him home with me. If you are interested in one of these gentle giants (and I have been privileged to belong to one in the past), please check out the website of Northwest Florida Great Dane Rescue.

How did they color coordinate those ears to your tongue, sweetie?!

Simply super! It's Supergirl and her companion Superdog!

Uh oh, give it up mister, you're fixin' to be herded!

Tie-dyed and proud of it!

"I'm all about 'Bama, m'am."

Oh my! Is this a hang-dog look or just a hangover?

This Brussels Griffon looked slightly like an old English teacher of mine, but its disposition seemed much sweeter.

Ahhhhh...look at those soft brown eyes.

Time for a drink.

A little pug, quite a picture in her pretty pink attire.

"I can touch my nose with my tongue. Wanna see?"

"Scruffy"! Now please do not get upset if you're the owner. This little fellow looks like the shaved-down version of an abandoned little dog we once rescued and gave that name.

"I love you, can we please go home now?"

Big ears and bigger heart,
all the rest are tiny parts.

"I only wear pink cashmere, dahling. Keep those animals away from me!"

Ooooh, another great profile on this chocolate lab. What a beauty. And don't you love a guy who color-coordinates with his dog? How did he find a shirt the exact same color?

Yikes! Yellow fever!

I love doggie Doggles! It's even cuter when their Doggles match their feather boas.

Oh look, it's a bird dog. {{{hee, hee...rim shot!}}}

"Holy kibble, Rosco, what have we stumbled into! Have you ever seen so many dogs in costume?"

Bad dog! (Not really. His mom just dressed him that way.) they give out an award for sweetest expression? Just look at that adorable face.

Stand back. These are trained terriers. They can make you 'ooh' and 'ahh' in five seconds flat.

"The poem says, 'When I am old, I shall wear purple...' it doesn't say dye me purple!"

Stroller babies.

A couple of English (?) Mastiffs. Now I realize they are smaller than some mastiffs, but if you don't think they are very big, look at the size of the paw that's stepping on the lady's foot.

The Pensacola Junior Humane Society is a great group and can always use your support. You may visit their site by clicking HERE.

Another great group is the NW Florida Great Dane Rescue. You may visit their site (and their available dogs) by clicking HERE. Great Danes are frequently referred to as gentle giants, but can be difficult to place due to their size. You can help them by donating money or supplies, volunteering, or providing a foster home if qualified.

A pile of pups in the park.

The parade proceeds down Government Street to Seville Square where a music festival was going on.

And finally, bringing up the rear, is the little red fire truck from Rosie O'Grady's.

Everyone seemed to have a good time and hopefully this will become an annual event for Pensacola.


Bikran said...

0o0oww0 you really seems to enjoyed that and beautiful collection of pictures .King leo is really cute .you have very nice blog .thanks for dropping by my blog .and happy blogging take care.

Jen and Eric said...

Love, love, love the puppy pictures! (Can you tell I'm feeling a little pet-deprived out here!)