Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A walk with me

Come take a walk with me! It's a beautiful day on Pensacola Beach and the water is so clear.

By-the-Wind Sailors are still washing ashore by the hundreds, thousands even, and I find them fascinating little creatures. I'm just happy they don't sting, though they can irritate your skin if touched.

What a hairy shoe! Looks like someone lost it a long time ago and it's just now washing ashore covered with sea grass and barnacles

I'm very happy to see the gulls are indeed chowing down on the By-the-Wind Sailors which have washed up. The more they eat, the less stinky it will get!

Portofino beach chairs and umbrellas are set up.

Fly by!

A dad and his little boy watch the sea birds and dolphin in the distance.

Unfortunately spring break always bring some who don't respect the beach and spend most of their time here racking up bad karma. Please help protect our beautiful island and marine life.

What a peaceful scene.

Heading back home, I walked out to our neighborhood dock on the sound side. So inviting, don't you think?

Looking west you can see Bob Sykes bridge (the toll bridge across to the island) in the distance if you enlarge the photo.


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Absolutely love the low clouds, blue sky and clear water!