Monday, January 05, 2009

Here comes the bride...

Here I am, home again...again. This time I just returned from Dallas. My niece, Jennifer, was married in Ft. Worth this past weekend and we flew in for her wedding.

An interior shot of the beautiful St. Patrick's Cathedral in Ft. Worth, Texas, which was completed in 1892. Unfortunately their website is under contruction or I would link to more information about this beautiful church.

Jennifer's bouquet of white roses.

I loved this shot of the young altar boy lighting the candles.

Jennifer and Eric. I was trying not to interfere with the professional photographer, so, as you can see, I was not using a flash in the church.

Isn't she lovely?

Now I think I'm home to stay for a while. Hopefully I'll be out on the beach soon!


Anonymous said...

Very Lovely.

Anonymous said...

simply exquisite!!!