Friday, January 09, 2009

Salt Life

I've enjoyed taking photos of the surfers from the Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier during our recent period of high surf. If you click on the individual photos you can get an idea of the beautiful waves, plus the athleticism and determination of the surfers. Their stamina is incredible.

Look closely at this fellow above. He's not only surfing, he's playing Twister, Surf Edition!

Such grace...

and, literally, a second later he's engulfed in the Gulf! Ouch!

They go in, under...

And pop back out behind the waves.

I'm in awe of their patience and perseverance.


Nana said...

As always - those pictures are AMAZING!!! And I love the new site - I've been trying to add a list of links to my page but haven't been able to. I've decided it is the skin I'm using.

Anyway - You've been tagged... see my blog for the rules and join the fun :)

Anonymous said...

Your pictures of the surf and the surfers are amazing. You've caught some great moments.

Susan said...

WOW!! These pictures are AWESOME! I can't believe how you captured these guys at just the right moment!
I enjoy visiting your blog!