Thursday, January 01, 2009

Polar Bear Plunge

Compared to the weather last year, it was a great day for a Polar Bear Plunge.

Just before 2:00 p.m. entrants began shivering -- oops, I mean lining up along the shore.

This gentleman was first one in the water last year! Amazing constitution, this one.

And they're to the end of the pier.

Look! It's pirate Johnny Depp with a shower cap!

After the Plunge, participants were given steaming hot bowls of black-eyed peas to warm them up. No offense, but it would take more than a bowl of hot peas to warm me up after this event!

Ladies of the Pensacola Beach Women's Club show off the cute Polar Bear Plunge tee for this year.

Ahhhh....look at the little pup.

Snapshot of a happy day. Happy New Year!

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