Friday, January 23, 2009

Photography & Tutorials

In the past couple of weeks I've discovered a great new site that I want to share with you. If you are interested in photography, which many of my blog readers are, you'll definitely want to visit Jeff Wignall's Digital Photography & Tutorial website.

Here is just a partial list of Jeff's books which have been published:

Exposure Photo Workshop (Wiley; 2008)
The Kodak Most Basic Book of Digital Photography (Lark Books, 2006)
The Joy of Digital Photography (Lark Book, 2006)
The Kodak Guide to Shooting Great Travel Pictures (Fodors Travel Publications)
Winning Pictures (Silver Pixel Press)
Landscape Photography (Kodak Books)
The Kodak Pocket Guide to Sports Photography (Simon & Schuster)

Jeff is incredibly generous with the number of tutorials on his website, ranging from more technical topics such as Lens Aperture Primer (I - IV) and Shooting High ISO Speeds in Low Light, to Night Photography and shooting creative and fun photos with sparklers. I can't wait to try that last one out this summer.

Heaven help him, Jeff has also started a Photo Tip of the Day blog. What was he thinking! I know first-hand it takes a lot of time and dedication to keep up with a blog, which makes me even more grateful that he is reaching out to help photographers like me. You will see I've put up a link to his blog (as well as his website) and I'll be checking it out regularly.

Time to get off the computer now. Jeff's book, Exposure Photo Workshop, arrived in yesterday's mail and I'm scouring it cover-to-cover, making notes along the way. It's turning out to be even better than I hoped.

Thanks, Jeff!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Jeff's site. I finally got my digital SLR for Christmas and I'm happy to have a site that will help me take better pictures.
And what better place than here to hone my skills!

Jeff Wignall said...

Hi DJ!

Hey,thanks for giving my site and blog such a nice mention on your blog! I really appreciate it. And you're right, keeping up with a daily blog is nuts, what *was* I thinking? But then I look at your blog and see *hundreds* of entries per year--what are YOU thinking! Well, wait, I guess we know exactly what you're thinking. :)

I love your shots of the paragliding guy, by the way. The first time I saw one of them was on St. Augustine Beach and I couldn't believe how much like flying it was. I'd be terrified, but those people must be having the time of their lives.

It's a lovely 15-degrees up here in Connecticut, so don't be jealous of our beautiful weather. Tell me again, why is it that I don't live in Florida?