Friday, January 09, 2009

New site in town!

I discovered a promising new Pensacola Beach website this morning which was recently launched:

The site is visually appealing and looks easy to maneuver, even as it continues to grow. Its initial categories include hotels, restaurants, and local news. Site visitors also have the ability to link/share/save/leave comments under each individual business.

The webmaster said he also plans to create a blog submenu for guest bloggers on the front page where you can establish your own personal blog. Too cool!

The creator of, who currently lives in St. Louis, Missouri, has a story similar to many of us: frequent visits to Pensacola Beach left him captivated with the beauty and uniqueness of the area, filled with dreams of living here eventually. Sound familiar?

I'll be providing a permanent link to the site on the left side of my blog. Check it out!

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