Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So, there was this sea gull...

I saw a sea gull flying by
and watched as on the beach he spied...

a cob of corn which lay nearby.

It was a crab-boil scrap, no doubt,
And he swooped down to check it out,

Then nibbled while it rolled about.

Suddenly a wave rushed in, grabbed his treat, then out again,

But he marched in and grabbed it back,

Triumphant with his corn cob snack,

And headed toward a seashore wrack...

Turning home I paused to say, "Mr. Gull, you've made my day,"
as he and cob flew far away.


Nana said...

He made my day too! Thanks for sharing! Wow, the colors of the water are beautiful :)

A Dilettante's Perspective said...

That bird will never be the same now that he's tasted cooked crab!