Monday, October 13, 2008

Zootography 101

Thanks to Shelley Johnson, editor of the Island Times, I found out about a photography class - Zootography 101 - being held at The Zoo Northwest Florida today and signed up. We had an excellent instructor from Ritz-Wolf Camera Center, Robert Kepko.

There was a good turnout and everyone seemed to have a great time, especially me. Below are some of the photos from when we were treated to a special tour of the Zoo after our class. Be sure to click on photos you like to see them in full detail:

"Hey, lady, spread the word about what a great zoo this is...and try to do something about that loud-mouth kookaburra next door, okay?"

This is definitely not a paper tiger.

I have to get closer...

And closer...

Look at his incredible markings.

What a character! I think I see a bit of Irish in this orangutan.

He loves the crowd.

Ahhh....Mama gives her baby a piggyback ride.

Well, hello up there!

I love giraffes!

Did you know a giraffe's heart weighs approximately 25 pounds! No wonder I love these big-hearted animals.

A beautiful white stork.

Here you can see his black and white wings and pink legs.

A lemur enjoys a snack.

Wait a minute! Don't be chowing down on each other! For a moment it looked like one lemur was taking a bite out of the other, but they were really grooming each other like cats!

Ooooohhh...I think I'll be moving right along. He's staring at me like I'm lunch.

I'm out of my comfort zone around alligators. {{{shiver}}} I always get spooked when I hike around wetlands on the island. I know we have some lurking around somewhere.

An American White Ibis wades through a pond.

Their unusual curved beak makes them easy to identify.

An Australian goose known as the Cape Barren Goose. Its curved bill is the color of key lime pie!

It has such a interesting expression on its face.

Be sure to visit this wonderful Zoo, located on Highway 98. Also, call or check their website for all the special Halloween activities they have coming up this month!

I'm ready for Zootography 201!


Jeevita said...

lovely photos! Especially liked the giraffes!

Anonymous said...

Excellent color and composition, as usual! Great work...

Unknown said...

Looks like a really great zoo, and great giraffe photos! We have a smaller rendition of one down here in Naples.

PJ said...

I'm so sorry I missed this. I would love to go to The Zoo to learn better photography skills.