Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The 'One'

One of my blog followers noted I was counting down with number of flowers blooms in recent posts, so voila! Here is my favorite 'one' - the Knock Out rose.

This beautiful rose is an answer to prayer for all those who love roses but can't grow them on a barrier island. Knock Out roses are blackspot resistant, drought tolerant, and even tolerate salt air (albeit mine where somewhat scalded in the high winds of Hurricane Ike).

The only problem I have with these beautiful roses is photographing them, as I've mentioned before. Their color is so brilliant that they seem to glow!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I am truly honored!

But surely the pattern 3, 2, ... was not coincidental: I'm sure "single" flower was "next" regardless of my jerry mandering?

And even if you didn't consciously plan it, the cosmic forces would have naturally led your mind to the inevitable post.

(I'm almost sad I intervened now in retrospect. Now I may never know: was it me, was it your, or was the cosmic symmetry of the universe at play?)

It's fun to think about anyhow.