Monday, October 27, 2008


What the heck is all this cold air coming into my little piece of paradise!

I took my little pee pup out for 'last call' tonight and nearly froze to death. When I came inside I discovered the thermometer read 55 degrees. Oops! It felt more like 35, but we are still experiencing high winds which makes it feel much colder. Guess we acclimate when we move south, but my Minnesota snowbird friends laugh when we discuss 'cold' weather.

My husband says he would have been wearing tee shirts in this weather when he lived in Chicago. Now, I observe smugly, he's shivering just like me!

It is supposed to be around 39 degrees inland tomorrow night, which could break a record. Thankfully we are surrounded by gulf water which is still around to 74 degrees, so we should be warmer out here on Pensacola Beach. I'm guessing our low will be around in the upper 40's, but I'll keep you informed. In the meantime, I'm breaking out the flannels. Now where did I put them.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

DJ,Being a Minnesota Snobird Wanna Be, I am anxious to join you in the 'shiver' when our place At The Beach gets built!!! To paraphrase an AZ comment....It's not the cold(HEAT), it's the humidity!!!!

Kathy in MN

Unknown said...

Never underestimate the power of the "wind" chill factor. It's the summer equivalent of the "humidity" index.

Anonymous said...

DJ, by leaving your camera behind on blustery days you miss a lot of opportunities! You only live once girl!!

Unknown said...

Hey, I must say, I'm somewhat addicted to your blog - don't worry not a stalker. My husband and I visited your area in September during Hurricane Ike - all I can say is WOW - and can't seem to let go of the area. I am always interested to see new photos and how things change - almost daily. I can't believe how different the beaches look - there seems to be much less. When we were there it was almost like having a private beach, not many people out - but had some great weather before all the wind set in. There seemed to be alot of beach between the dunes (seagrass areas) and the actual edge of the water. In your newest picture it seems as though the water is getting closer and closer and the hills going down into the water - amazing. We started seeing some of that during Ike, but not to the extent.

Would enjoy keeping in touch - I am from the midwest part of Missouri so the cold has set in here as well. Wishing I was at the beach - even if it were chilly at least I would have the beautiful scenery!!

I have about 900 pictures from my trip and would be happy to share any with you, if interested. Some good scenery pictures, but after reviewing a lot of other photos of the area, I definately have some ideas of some other angles, etc. I do have a footprint picture similar to one of yours, and just love it. I think it goes with the whole leave only your foot print moto. Did, I mention, I love pictures, but definately not a professional!

Have a wonderful week. I will quit with my very lengthy comment now.



Anonymous said...

Hi DJ...
..or rather hello from glorious Denver!!
The foliage is gorgeous,all gold and yellows with a vibrant red here and there thrown in for good measure..
oh, and did I say with the fabulous weather we are experiencing VERY
unseasonably warm temps...
73 while out toodling around viewing the scenery..
.. pretty soon though, I too will be moaning and groaning about the bitter cold...and yuk..SNOW!!!
at least you can put on a sweater/jacket and go for a walk without slipping and sliding on refrozen ice/snow!! and besides, the weather will warm back up as it usually does..and you'll be back in flip-flops while I'm shoveling snow in mukluks!!!
I do miss being on my beach!!!
big smiles..

Barrier Island Girl said...

I'm happy to have received so many comments on a cold day which kept me inside -- except to get out and vote early.

Tonight it will get down to 40 degrees on the island, which comes close to breaking a record! In comes my basil and other tender herbs.

I don't mind the temp so much as what Robert reminded us of -- the wind chill! And at 35 - 30 mph, it cuts to the bone, or so it feels. But soon the wind should die down. Plus, our snowbirds will be with us and I'll feel like a total wuss as I watch them enjoying the beach in tee shirts and board shorts while I layer up in dark clothes which absorb the heat.

Thanks again for all the great comments!

Chandler, feel free to e-mail me at


Anonymous said...

Hi there ~ its Mary Ann here in Sizzling Southern CA. It's been in the mid to high 90's... oh, please send us some of your cold!
I came across your blog about a month ago and I just loved it. Hey, I even missed you while you were gone! My wonderful second mom moved towards your area several months ago and I miss her terribly, but seeing and enjoying this area through your eyes makes the loss not seem so hard.
What I love most about your page is all of your pictures... oh, so many birds and the turtles ~ and the beaches...they've captured my heart. I live about 40 miles from the beach, yet the mountains are all around us, so I never have any problem finding things to take pictures of... and my passion and heart is taking pictues, and I can tell its yours also. I look forward to sharing whatever adventure comes our way in the days ahead. Did you hear if there are any babies from the last turtle nest? Still waiting to hear.
DJ, thank you for sharing your experiences with us.
God Bless