Monday, October 27, 2008

What a difference

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday was sunny, warm and calm as I walked around Range Point toward Big Sabine. Today the wind is gusting close to 40 mph and the temps are dropping as the cold front heads our way. I keep my camera inside on days like this. Sand, dust and salt air are not camera-friendly.

Hammocks on the sound-side at Portofino looked appealing yesterday morning. Perfect escape with a good book. This morning you'd probably get flipped over by the stout wind.

I love this stretch of beach on the east side of Portofino. You can take a walk and feel like you have the island all to yourself this time of year.


Unknown said...

Naples is forecasted to set a new record night time low of 47 degrees on Wednesday. That would break the previous mark of 51 set in 1943.

Anonymous said...

here in cincinnati we will top out at 44 for the high 31 for the low. enjoy your slice of paradise looks great. cant waight to get back to viset. S T E B

KMel said...

You sure take some awesome pictures. we have the same kind of camera you have. The canon Rebel xt. You are just amazing. I heard that you like turtles too. Me too!
Keep Shell!

Melissa Schmidt
Camano Island,WA