Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ghost crab

Hey, little buddy!


Unknown said...

We have ghost crabs down here in Naples too. I filmed a short video of one scurrying on the beach at Lowdermilk Park, and included it on my journal: its under the "water reel" label. They are quite the interesting creature!

I really have to get up there: the beaches in your photos are so picture perfect.

Barrier Island Girl said...

Of course I am biased about our beaches, Robert. :-)

One of the unique things about Pensacola Beach is that we are bounded on either side by long sections of Gulf Islands National Seashore. Both of those sections are still closed following Hurricanes Ivan and Dennis which occured in 2004/2005, so wildlife has really bounded during this time of restricted traffic.

As I've noted previously, the National Seashore area is only closed to motorized traffic, hikers and cyclists welcome to explore.

The portion of road to our east will surely be rebuilt since we must have an alternate route off the island in case of emergency/evacuation.

This island is about 50 miles long (depending on who you talk to), and on the east end is another beach community - Navarre Beach - which also has a bridge to the mainland. When the road between our two communities is reopened, we would have access to get off the island at their end.