Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pink Muhly Grass

Have you noticed the lovely 'clouds' of Pink Muhly Grass blooming all around the island. It's a spectacular plant for this area.

This is a photograph of a few clumps in my yard, which are struggling along. In the spring I need to have an irrigation pipe extended to this area and give them more attention.


Anonymous said...

I love pink muhly grass. I envy your garden. Here on the Bay, my garden floods whenever there is a storm or, like Hurricane Ike, an unusually high tide or storm surge. As a Santa Rosa Master Gardener, I'm becoming an expert on salt tolerant and wind tolerant plants. Unfortunately, pink muhly did not survive my Bay conditions. Thanks for the pictures.

Turtle Girl said...

I was wondering what that was! I took a picture of some along the Fort Pickens wall a week or so ago (it's somewhere on my blog...). It's beautiful stuff!


aka The Traveling Turtle Girl