Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Garden Gate

One of my favorite places in Gulf Breeze is a lovely garden shop called The Garden Gate.

Chairs and benches and flower pots and yard art beckon you in to a quiet green oasis...

where you can wander around for long periods of time, admiring the beauty and color and fragrance and peaceful atmosphere.

Emily Peterson and her friendly staff are always ready answer questions and help you find the right plant for the right place.

They have a wonderful selection of herbs if you like to cook. Today I added a few new herbs for my own patio, some which can winter over, some (like basil) which will have to come inside when it gets cooler, and one (lemon thyme) which simply smelled too wonderful to pass up.

Learn how to create a butterfly garden or attract hummingbirds. The Garden Gate has several books on butterflies and birds. They also carry a wide selection of feeders, bird houses, fountains, and bird baths.

If you're driving through Gulf Breeze, stop in at The Garden Gate and check them out. They are located at 3268 Fordham Parkway, just off Highway 98 at College Parkway, and west of McDonald's.

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