Thursday, June 18, 2009

Capt. J.R.

Meet Captain J.R., owner of Blue Marlin Water Taxi! He can pick you up at your dock and deliver you to The Fish House for dinner or any place around the Pensacola area with docking facilities. He also had one of the few charter boats available to take folks to Ft. Pickens via his water taxi before the road was reopened to the public recently. I've even seen him pull up at my own neighborhood dock to take a group of girlfriends out for a special birthday surprise!

I met Capt. J.R. through the Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce last year. Quiet-spoken and professional, it's a pleasure to see his business grow.

This week he surprised Shelley Johnson, editor of the Island Times, and me with an invitation to come aboard the Royal Indulgence for a cruise from the Santa Rosa Yacht Club to the future site of the Maritime Park in Pensacola. Unfortunately neither Shelley or I were able to make it for the trip, but both of us showed up to see them off!

Thank you, Capt. J.R., for thinking of your island friends!


D said...

Now THAT's the way to travel! Nicest taxi I've ever seen.

Unknown said...

Hey DJ... I saw you that day... I stay next to Santa Rosa Yacht Club.... Your were in Club parking lot. You had your signature hat on...

I want to know more about Water Taxi... I don't own a boat or a yacht and would like to know if I can rent any anywhere.... Do you have any idea?

Nice pictures!!!!

- Sagar

Barrier Island Girl said...

Hi Sagar! Glad you are back from your travels.

Anyone can take the Blue Marlin Water Taxi. It isn't a large yacht/cabin cruiser like the one in this post, but Capt. J.R. has a boat big enough to carry several people. In fact, I think he may have more than one boat and uses which ever is most appropriate for the amount of people.

If you call the number on the back of Capt. J.R.'s shirt, you will either get him or his voice mail and you can ask about rates and type of boat. You could take the Water Taxi over to the Fish House for dinner one night and surprise Vijaya! I bet she'd love it!

I can't believe you saw me at Santa Rosa Yacht Club and didn't shout out! :-) That would have been cool!


Unknown said...

I am sure vijaya will!!!!
Thanks DJ for lovely blog...