Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ospreys at Ft. Pickens

Though not a good photo, this will give you a look at one of the ospreys you can see within Ft. Pickens area of Gulf Islands National Seashore. He or she is on the look-out for fish to take back to their chicks. I saw one on Sunday flying back to the nest with a large fish in its talons.

There are several nests beginning about five miles into the park. Their large nests are atop tall pine trees killed by Hurricanes Ivan and Dennis and they are easily spotted.

If you drive into the park, pull into the old country store which is still closed. Facing the store, look up and about 90 - 100 degrees to your right and you will see a large nest. There is currently one (maybe two) osprey chicks in the nest, so an adult osprey is generally perched on the edge, standing guard. You can frequently see the chick's head pop up to look around.

I would not suggest getting out of your vehicle to get closer right now since mom and pop can get a bit testy. Just take binoculars and roll down your windows for a pretty good view.

[UPDATE: I just had a comment from PJ, another local photographer I've mentioned before. PJ has fantastic photos she posted just yesterday of what appears to be the same nest I wrote about above! Please click HERE to check out photos of both the nest and the osprey bringing home a large fish. Also check out two of PJ's blogs, "Daily Pensacola Photo" and "Under a Tin Roof Sky", which I have linked under my Blogs I Read column!]


Unknown said...

I linked you on the sidebar of my blog so people can see your turtle adventures...I look over from my post about ospreys at Ft Pickens and I see yours about the same topic!

PJ said...

You're linked through my post. GMTA!