Friday, June 19, 2009

Dance with me

"Don't be afraid, take my hand..."

"Forget the world. Will you dance, dance with me..."

"As time fades away, my arms will keep you safe..."

"Dance with me; I'm dancing with you..."

"For this moment in time my dreams have come true."

~~ Drew Seeley, Selected lyrics from 'Dance with Me'

The photos above were also taken last night at Evenings in Old Seville Square.

Eric Jenkins is owner of Just Dance at Berryhill. If you are interested in dance lessons, you may contact Eric 850-910-2747 or e-mail

The beautiful (and extremely limber) lady dancing with Eric above is Mrs. Charline H. Ruttan of Pensacola. She is now my hero!

By the way, Mrs. Ruttan is 88 years old.

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