Friday, June 12, 2009

Evenings in Old Seville Square

JUNE 11, 2009

Evenings in Old Seville Square is a Thursday evening event in the Seville Square Historic district of Pensacola. It kicks off in May and generally runs through Labor Day. They have a very nice line-up of bands and entertainers this year.

There was a good turn-out to hear Kitt Lough and her beautiful performance of songs like "Cry Me a River", "Someone to Watch Over Me", and so many more blues and jazz favorites. The photo above was taken toward the back of Seville Square at the beginning of the evening. By the end of the evening it was packed!

Mama and her sweet baby girl enjoyed an evening in the park...

While this little fella had fun chasing bubbles floating by on a warm summer breeze.

Tables set up in style...

And people of all ages danced in the square. Next week will be a great week to come out and watch who I refer to as the 'Swing Kids' in action. They are at their best dancing to the music of the Swingin' Dick Tracys who are scheduled to perform on June 18.

This little cutie was absorbed in watching the dancers too!


and more smiles when there's good music and room to dance.

Hey, there's Morrie and Mary Drees, enjoying Kitt's performance!

Ah, there's that big smile.

Little ones love Fountain Park which is adjacent to Seville Square. They have more room to run and play, but parents can still enjoy the music.

Cousins, Sarah and Bela, dance the night away. Notice the beads they're wearing, caught at the Fiesta Parade earlier in the evening.

'Uncle Jim' dances with Hannah, one of his beautiful nieces.

Bela and Briana think Pensacola Beach is the best place to visit! You can dance at Bands on the Beach Tuesday night, then head in to Pensacola for Evenings in Old Seville on Thursday night. They really appreciate the city having a parade for them too!

See ya next week at Evenings in Old Seville Square!


Unknown said...

Very good pictures... you have captured complete essence of the event...

One question, do you ask ppl before taking their pictures? Have you come across anyone who says no. I want to start taking portraits but just not sure how ppl would react.

Barrier Island Girl said...

Hey, Sagar! Glad you're back.

I'm the worst about asking people for their photos. I tend to smile, raise my eyebrows and camera in a "is it okay" manner, so I'm not the best person about that. I most often ask about the children - clear it with their parents - and have some B.I.G cards made up with my blog site so they can see them the next day if they turn out well.

I think I've been doing it so long now that a lot of people recognize me and have no problem with it, but I should try to do better about getting permission.