Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bands on the Beach

JUNE 9, 2009

Wow! What happened to our 'little' Bands on the Beach crowd! It has taken off in a BIG way.

Obviously there isn't a bad seat in the house with all that soft white sand to dig your toes into.

The featured band last night was A Touch of Gray and folks really enjoyed their music.

Bella Bela! I just love her smile and beautiful dimples.

Don't you love to see people holding hands?

One thing for sure, this band knew how to get folks up and dancing!

Well, almost everyone. It's a bit difficult to dance and text at the same time.

Ahhh...the good life.

I'm tellin' ya, Hank, that fish was this long!

Oops, the purple flag is up. That southerly wind must be pushing some jellyfish in.

This little cutie, Finn, lives right here on the island. He loves music and Cheetos!

One of my favorite island couples, Jim and Lynda Knell are the nicest folks around. They are very involved in the community. Jim is the founder and organizer of the Pensacola Beach Military Fishing Expedition which took place last month. Lynda is the current president of the Pensacola Beach Women's Club.

This is our rubberband man! If I was half as limber as he is on the dance floor, I'd be in good shape -- or spending half my time at my chiropractor's. You will see him here nearly every Tuesday night.

Now how did Sarah manage to color coordinate her outfit with the sunset. We had an incredible tangerine sunset last night. Sarah's cousins, Bela and Briana, love spending time with her because....

she's such a great dipper!

Briana Kennedy praying for this vacation to go on and on forever!

Hey, Hannah! Are you going to try a little surfing this year?

"Come on, baby, let's do the Twist(er)"

Bela and Briana Kennedy with their older cousins, Sarah and Hannah Stendebach are all visiting Uncle Jim and Aunt Lila Cox and enjoying their time together. Look at those sandy feet! I'm sure you all know if you go home with sand in your shoes it means you'll come back again.

Big love bugs were out last night and ...

little love bugs, too. Alice Ripley from Island Style enjoys Bands on the Beach with her adorable little granddaughters.

What a fun evening! Come early next week, bring a chair and join us!


Lowell said...

God, does that look like fun! A great setting, for sure. What's with this grey-haired band? Probably music I would understand!

Delightful series of photos! Just excellent!

Barrier Island Girl said...

Ha! Your comment is funny, Jacob, because the band says on their website that their hair-color is how they chose their name. Another tag they use about the music they play is "Rock and Roll you remember." ;-)

Thanks for the comment. Come visit Pensacola Beach and experience it yourself! :-)