Sunday, June 07, 2009

Shore birds galore

About half an hour into my patrol this morning, shore birds were abundant. I even got to see an Osprey fairly close up, but didn't get my camera out quickly enough. I'm discovering how difficult it is to get good photos while on patrol. The (Kawasaki) Mule produces a lot of vibration...

so I have to work fast to stop the Mule, get the camera out, turned on, the lens cap off, and hold the camera as steady as possible...

But oh how sweet to see the shore birds, even if they are a bit blurry.

Life doesn't get much better than a perfect day which starts like this.

1 comment:

Lowell said...

Wonderful shots. I've not been to Pensacola Beach, but once spent a week in Destin...loved it!

I guess we should go back to your area...get up early in the morning to see what you see!

Have a great day!