Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hasta luego, Elcano

The lovely Elcano sailed out of Pensacola this evening. Such a beautiful ship. I had hoped the sails would be hoisted once they cleared Pensacola Pass, but winds had shifted out of the south. Her last visit to Pensacola was in 1959, so perhaps we may never see this occasion again in our lifetime. Hasta leugo, Elcano!


Bikran said...

Lovely ship . Is that 450 years lod ship or i got that wrong ?

PJ said...

I'm glad you caught this, DJ, it's lovely in the lightng of the late afternoon. I went earlier in the day just to look but then went home.

I think the last time she visited was 1989. There was an aricle in the PNJ about how someone met her husband during that visit and she came back from Spain just for this occasion.

Unknown said...

It was 1981, which, still, was a long time ago: