Friday, April 10, 2009

USA Today loves Pensacola!

What a great article about Pensacola in today's USA Today travel section! But now thousands will know the secret of our Pensacola Beach paradise! Yikes!

You may read the article by clicking HERE!


Angela said...

i just read that article to my husband, who has never been to pensacola.

he's now asking me (and researching online) how he can possibly get to pensacola.

i think he's finally excited about it.
finally. home.


Lou in Denver said...

..don't you know the secret of being able to return time after time to your native soil?
do as I do..
always sprinkle grains of that sugar white sand into your shoes before leaving!
works for me!!
the last time I was home was in I have tickets to return for another two weeks in May..
and shoes were filled with sand!!
try it!!