Thursday, April 30, 2009

Unpleasant surprise

You'd think that strange-looking grey rope in the yard had just blown in from somewhere...until you look closer!

Ugh...not a happy camper right now! Logically I understand that snakes help us keep the beach rat population under control, but that doesn't improve my 'ugh' response to this 4 1/2 ft. snakeskin.


Lowell said...

Those are super photos...but it appears the snake could be one to stay clear of...

You could always pick it up to take a closer look,, probably not!

Barrier Island Girl said...

Pick it up???? Yeah, right. Ha! Good one, Jacob.

But on that topic, I discovered an interesting fact when researching snakeskins. I was trying to see if one could identify the snake by the shed skin. There was a statistic that 16 - 92% of snakeskins have salmonella, so you shouldn't touch them. Not a problem!

But 16 - 92%? What kind of strange, wide-spread result statistic is that? Typo perhaps?

Jen and Eric said...

Ugh is right! Looks like we both had some near-snake scares lately! (check out our blog...)