Friday, April 17, 2009

Visiting the beach

You may have noticed that I haven't been posting quite as much for a few days. I drove to Tennessee last week for my mother's eye surgery and then brought her back here for a few days to visit and rest up.

Mother visits probably could not be categorized as a time to rest up since we mostly go shopping, but she enjoys it so it still counts as 'resting'.

We visited Portofino one afternoon and mother enjoyed the view of the island and the sparkling water of the Gulf and the Sound.

She always gets upset with me because I make her "laugh too big", but people have to laugh with their eyes or they aren't really laughing. You know know what I mean, I'm sure. Even with mother's dark glasses you can tell she's laughing with her eyes in this photo! :-)

This morning we're driving over to Sweet Home Farm in Elberta, Alabama to buy some of their delicious cheese and let mother see their small herd of Guernseys and the cheese-making operation. They are only open on Friday and Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Hi DJ, Your Mom looks fabulous.
Hope she is enjoying her stay in Paradise. Have you gone to The Bridge at sunset. I recommend it


Unknown said...

Hi DJ,
Your mom looks so happy to be in Pensacola...