Thursday, April 02, 2009

Pensacola Beach polar bears

Here's a video of six-month old Princeton, a Great Pyrenees pup, playing to the camera, then annoying the heck out of ten-year old Ollie. They were visiting from Taos, New Mexico and blended right into our sugar-white sand like polar bears on Arctic ice, so I called them our Pensacola Beach 'polar bears'.

As you may notice, Princeton is chained to the stairwell support, with scraps of other leashes and ropes he chewed through in the background. He was quite the escape artist when we turned our backs - as six-month old pups can be - jumping our fence like it was no more than a puddle. When he is fully grown, he will be even larger than Ollie. Folks can get a bit intimidated when they see an animal his size coming their way and we didn't want Animal Control to be called.

Ten-year old Ollie is a sweetheart and has a quiet disposition -- unless a coyote shows up -- and he puts up with Princeton most of the time, as you'll see here. But his expression when I stir Princeton up seems to say, "Did you have to wake the brat?"

Please feel free to post the captions you'd add for Princeton or Ollie!


Unknown said...

Cute DJ. My brother in law used to have a Great Pyrenees...they are huge lovable dogs. I bet they do look like polar bears on our sugar white beaches!

Barrier Island Girl said...

Yes, they blended right into certain areas of my yard, Robin! But I should make known that I didn't take them to the beach. You can get a hefty fine for taking your dog to the beaches here.

In my neighborhood the covenants say we aren't allowed to have grass (as in sod, a manicured gass lawn or whatever term/phrase you'd want to use). We are required to have a 'natural' yard using indigenous plants. That means I have a lot of native plants, sea oats and sea grasses, but lots of open areas with white sand.

I don't want to people to get in trouble by taking their dog to the beach and then say, "But, B.I.G. did it!" :-)