Sunday, April 05, 2009

Jazzfest 2009

Yesterday turned out to be a lovely day for Jazzfest in Seville Square. Folks kept piling in as the day progressed. I didn't get photos of the performers. I just sat back and enjoyed the performances and captured what was going on around me.

I enjoy watching people dancing, they're so happy and smiling. Dancing seems to chase all the worries away.

This nice gentleman had a small area set up for children to play along with him and provided harmonicas and kazoos...

And what a good time they were having.

They took it very seriously!

I think we had some budding musicians in the crowd!

Papa dancing with his little sweetheart, Ava.

"Swing me, papa!"

Jazz, spring breezes, and softly filtered sun under live oak trees in Seville Square. I've often wondered how old these beautiful trees are.

Dancing and swinging for joy!

Wow, who knew they still had singing telegrams! I had to give this fellow a plug.

"So, kid, how's the singing telegram business going? Ya know I might be available for a little part-time employment since my IRA is down..."

Is there anything better than a day in the park with your dad, your dogs and your Radio Flyer wagon?

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