Thursday, December 18, 2008

Range Point in December

For those of you who do not live in the area, we have been experiencing heavy fog every day this week and it pretty much lasts the whole day. Yesterday our high was around 72 with an identical percent humidity.

But yesterday was different, however, in that we had a couple of spectacular hours where the sky cleared and it was a beautiful day for a walk to Range Point after being house-bound for a few days.

The incredible white sand of Pensacola Beach could be mistaken for snow (as you can see above) and the saturated blues of sky and water have no need to be manipulated by Photoshop enthusiasts. In fact, the only filter I have on my camera is a UV filter to protect my lens from sand and salt. What you are seeing is the true, untweaked beauty of our island.

What more could a person ask for Christmas than to live in a paradise like this.


Unknown said...

I just learned, they call it the "emerald coast." Someday I'll get up to tread upon it's sugary sands.

Barrier Island Girl said...

Robert, another tidbit you'll find interesting is that our sand 'barks' (or squeaks) when you walk on it.

Beaches along the Panhandle are quartz sand crystal. They do not absorb heat like other beaches with darker sand, so your feet won't get hot or burned.

Hope you get to visit someday. It's a beautiful place.